Thoughts from the mind of a white paper writer: The modern white paper is easily one of the most important tools in your marketing toolbox.

What is a white paper, From a White paper writer?

As a white paper writer, I’m happy to say that white papers have grown up from the boring, highly technical documents they once were.

At its core, the modern white paper clearly identifies a business problem and provides the reader with a succinct solution in an engaging easy to read format.

White paper writers accomplish this feat by providing useful information to those who are seeking to understand an issue, solve a business problem, or be better at their jobs.

The power of white papers

Simply put, a white paper writer crafts your white paper to help you influence prospects to make the decisions you want them to make.

With a well-written white paper, you can motivate people to make the decision to contact you for more information or to purchase your product or service. Even if the reader isn’t the final decision maker, they can use your white paper as support for their argument to make a purchase.

The 3 most powerful uses for a white paper are:

  • Generating Leads
  • Establishing Thought Leadership
  • Closing Sales


Why I enjoy being a white paper writer

I chose to gain the knowledge and skills to be a top-tier white paper writer because white papers are a perfect fit for my skill set and personality.

Here is how Gordon Graham describes the perfect white paper writer:

A white paper writer should think like a lawyer and write like a journalist. [They] should gather the evidence to build an open-and-shut case with undeniable proof, and then present your story in crisp, clear, convincing terms.

You’ll find that my career as a lawyer and a newspaper owner has allowed me to develop all the tools I need to become a white paper writer who can create white papers that will engage your audience and help move them through the sales cycle.

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