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Transformative Technology Conference (TTC) and the interdisciplinary researchers at Arigami brought together a group of auto executives, technologists, sensory specialists, and thought leaders to talk about trends, challenges, and solutions for in-car-wellbeing.


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The world of eCommerce is a bustling marketplace, teeming with countless businesses vying for consumer attention. From global giants like Amazon and Alibaba to niche online stores, the eCommerce landscape is more crowded than ever.


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The Internet is an expansive universe made up of more than 60 trillion web pages.1 This number grows every second, of every minute, of every day, and it’s what makes SEO such a crucial part of a company’s content marketing strategy. In the universe of the Internet, content doesn’t exist if it can’t be found.

SEO Clarity

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From a risk-management perspective, DevSecOps engineers and Risk Management Framework (RMF) IT security engineers are, in many ways, operationally out of sync. Although the tools and methodologies they use are similar to some degree, there are areas of significant disparity that lead to the two communities speaking different operational languages..


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yEar after year, findings of insufficient corrective and preventive action (CAPA) procedures have topped the list of the most common observations found during FDA inspections within the medical device industry. This means that far too many medical device companies have issues with establishing and/or following CAPA procedures. Consequently, they are putting patients and their business at risk.

The Weinberg Group

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An enourmous amount of work goes into creating video content, and distributors can invest millions of dollars to reach their target audience. The problem plaguin the entire production chain is video piracy, the unauthorized use of works covered by copyright law in a way that violates the copyright owner’s exclusive rights.


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The food retail landscape is constantly changing. To stay relevant, stores must become a reflection of today’s shopper. As full-service grocery stores, warehouse club stores, and other food retailers look for ways to thrive in this new landscape, it’s crucial that they identify and understand the evolving needs and wants of shoppers.

Calico Cottage

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You’ve completed the challenging process of selecting a human capital management (HCM) solution. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to face the realities of implementation. If yours is like most organizations, the implementation process can be more difficult than expected. If not handled expertly, your project will suffer from delays and increased costs while your team works more hours than they should.


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A fun environment, flexible hours, 401(k) matching contributions, and paid time off are all worthy perks. But there’s one benefit successful companies offer that goes a long way towards supporting a healthy work-life balance, enhancing recruitment, improving employee retention, fostering collaboration, and boosting company morale.

Eat Club

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There’s tremendous demand for industry physicians, but the move from academics is fraught with challenges that both physicians and industry executives significantly underestimate or fail to anticipate. To discover the underlying issues associated with this transition, we at Higgins Group, Inc. partnered with Thrive Leadership to survey both industry leaders and industry physicians.

Higgins Group

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Carrying the responsibility for a large-scale survey project, you want to do everything you can to conduct a high-quality survey that delivers the most value for your organization. Managing your project effectively is essential to maximizing your organization’s return on its investment in time, money, and human resources.


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Winning in SEO requires continuous improvement while
staying ahead of the competition. Enterprises that are still
defining visibility only by how pages rank for a set of keywords are only seeing the tiniest sliver of the SEO universe. There is so much more to SEO visibility.

SEO Clarity

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Redefining Luxury Living

White Paper

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Conversion Optimization

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