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Case study sample

the Nashville-based sexual health clinic advertised its services through Facebook, Grindr, and Scruff, as well as inperson promotions at night clubs and Pride events. In doing so, the clinic grew its patient base considerably. Still, it wanted to bring in an agency to help reach even more potential patients in the region.


sample case study

Cronos couldn’t collect any identifying patient information, its servers had to store the videos securely, and reviewers had to access the videos in a way that fully protected the patients’ identities. Cronos sought to achieve its goals with the creation of a video-recording application.


sample case study

The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences prides itself on being a unique, state-of-the-art venue, and it required a WiFi network that could handle the complexity of the dual-theater facility.


case study sample

Teradata didn’t have a standard system for driving continuous improvement. Without an effective problem-solving methodology to rely on, Teradata lacked the executional rigor necessary to consistently reach their ambitious goals and objectives.

Lean Focus

Sample case study

AES’ sole marketer needed a solution to reach new audiences and increase the number of attendees
for its premier event, the AES Annual Meeting, without much overhead.


sample case study

NP-View works offline and performs a comprehensive analysis of firewall, router, and switch configurations to
determine connectivity. It also identifies any deviation from security policies, standards, and best practices..

Network Perception

case study sample

In connection with these proprietary pools, Crestone’s reporting group receives approximately 1,000 PDF investment statements each quarter, and booking these statements can be challenging. Applying the right technology would have a considerable positive impact on operations.

Notable Systems

case study sample

Blue Native Landscape & Irrigation was founded in 2017 when a need arose for a landscape company that could focus on the Florida Keys and its unique landscape. The landscaping company maintains 7 crews with 40 employees, and it kept all of its records on paper, from the calendar to the schedule, including numerous Excel spreadsheets to store business data.


sample case study

HPEF partnered with SmarterSelect to handle their webbased application process. Now, instead of a small team manually reviewing each application, SmarterSelect’s application management system automatically filters through the applications to determine the eligibility of every applicant.


sample case study

New Horizons Healthcare strives to improve access to high-quality health care for their community, regardless of patients’ ability to pay. Originally, the federally qualified health center had just one full-time IT professional working with an outsourced IT group..

E-N Computers

case study sample

CSN Group developed and built a new, modern, fully customized system for Cura Emergency Services,
which Cole says Cura uses on a daily basis.


sample case study

New Horizons Healthcare strives to improve access to high-quality health care for their community, regardless of patients’ ability to pay. Originally, the federally qualified health center had just one full-time IT professional working with an outsourced IT group..

E-N Computers

Case study sample

Thankz is a global staffing agency that finds and manages skilled global teams that aim to increase an organization’s productivity and profitability. With its diverse workforce spanning seventeen countries across five continents .


case study sample

North Labs diagrammed Paul’s daily data routine
to determine the best way to automate the workflow.
When Marc and Paul reviewed the diagram, they knew
that what the North Labs team recommended was
perfect for Bluemark.

North Labs

case study sam[;e

 Sability first designed and implemented UltiPro’s performance module; a critical piece in an annual, end-of-year evaluation process that drives employee compensation. According to Robert, it was “key to have an HCM system that is simple and gives us enough knowledge to make the right decisions based on information about performance and compensation.”


case study sample

PRISM Renderings specializes in helping architects, developers, investors, facility owners, and brokers turn visions into reality with photorealistic renderings. However, that’s not exactly what Greg was looking for..

PRISM Renderings

case study sample

Objectively analyzing complex kinetic events, such as automobile crashes, requires combining engineering and medicine to get the most accurate analysis that science can create. This service is what BRC has provided its clients for more than thirty-six years.


case study sample

The Sellercloud team made things simple for Exhart. Regardless of the channel, when orders come in, they go into Sellercloud, and Exhart handles the shipping. Michael finds it easy to work with the Sellercloud team..


case study sample

Using Camtasia, Kristen put together a concise two-minute video and sent it to the prospect. After delivering a short video demo created in Camtasia, Kristen got an almost immediate response that the prospect was happy with the video and got “exactly” what it was looking for.


case study sample

Several years ago, a defense department government agency that provides enterprise-level IT support wanted help in regard to strategic planning and program office augmentation..

Decision Integration

case study sample

The Forms On Fire mobile app gives Cal-Maine Foods inspectors the ability to collect important data using their mobile devices without having to be tethered to the internet. Upon returning to an area with internet connectivity, the inspectors can upload the data into the main database.

Forms on Fire

case study sample

Together, Sability and UKG provided managed services, global payroll and the custom configured solution that StubHub needed. Not only did Sability bring their own services to the table, they also managed other vendors involved in the project.

Sability & UKG


Terry found MRB Contractors with the help of the airport’s insurance provider. After assessing the roof’s
condition, the MRB team decided it was necessary to remove the remainder of the copper dome and install a
new roofing system.


Case Study Sample

WISMOlabs is an order-tracking solution for e-commerce retailers. The company has established itself as a reliable and secure SaaS provider, committed to delivering the best post-purchase experience solutions to its customers.


Case Study Sample



white paper sample

Secure, automated processing of verification of income (VOI) and verification of employment (VOE) requests without THE NEED FOR AN SSN. 

Verification Manager

Case Study Sample

Work. Life. Leader. provides a cohort-based, holistic leadership development program for emerging and developing leaders. Working with organizational and HR leaders, the team customizes the program, which includes individual executive coaching, collaborative group coaching, and targeted training on leadership, professional, and work-life competencies.

Work. Life. Leader.

white paper sample

Glencoe Regional Health (GRH) transitioned from
its Healthland electronic medical record (EMR) to
Epic in 2013. As some of the Healthland data was
not able to convert to Epic, and in order to maintain
HIPAA compliance, GRH needed to archive its
Healthland data in perpetuity so patients could
access their medical records.

Harmony Healthcare IT

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