My Story

Hi. I’m Wilton Blake. Call me Blake.White paper Writer » Wilton Blake

I’m a writer by profession. But at my core, I’m a storyteller.

Stories are Enchanting

I love stories, and I watch lots of movies — good ones and bad ones. I also enjoy working on my screenplays when I have the time. Someday the dialogue flowing from the actor’s lips on the big screen will have been written by me.

My Love for Storytelling

If you are anything like me, you enjoy a good movie. It feels wonderful to sit back and be enveloped by a well-told story.

I’m endlessly enchanted by the film Casablanca. Don’t get me started or I’ll talk for hours about why it’s the best movie ever made. I’m sure you have your favorite too.

I Didn’t Always Believe in Storytelling

When I was much younger, I felt the need to be important and influential, so I gave up stories, studied business, and went to law school. I worked for a few years as a corporate attorney. No lawyer jokes, please. I quit.

I enjoyed practicing law. But I love storytelling.

Storytelling is the most important and influential skill anyone could ever possess.

Practical Storytelling

Now, I’m right where I should be — working with businesses and nonprofits, and telling their stories.

I’ve dedicated my career to helping businesses and nonprofit organizations find, develop, and share their stories in a way that inspires enduring support for what they do.

What I most want to share is the understanding of how the same narrative structure used in filmmaking can be used to genuinely enchant customers, clients, donors, volunteers, grant makers, and policy makers. Once enchanted, they become loyal advocates for your organization, product, service, or cause.

So, that’s my story.

What’s your story, and how can I put it to work for you?


P.S. I am grateful to Dan Mason for his photograph entitled Conversation – Three Women Talking that I’ve used on the home page of my website. It perfectly and succinctly communicates the valuable emotional connections that stories make when they are shared. I’ve modified the color of the image to fit the tone of my website design.